5 Tips On Understanding Karmic Relationships

5 Tips On Understanding Karmic Relationships

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Throughout our life, we go through different experiences that totally mark us. We meet thousands of people who leave a mark upon us which is something meaningful and accompanies us for the rest of our life. Some relationships leave you with important and valuable teachings that will make you a better person while others allow you to move forward with a full life and becoming wiser than yesterday. However, some relationships are not entirely positive. The latter may leave you with an uncomfortable feeling in your being that will fill you with guilt, resentment, repentance or fear becoming present in each moment that make you look at your past life.

When it comes to karmic relations, it refers to the relationships between people who met in past lives and between them there were intense emotions and even unresolved events that really marked them. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what is happening that you ask yourself countless questions about why things happen but you cannot find answers to them… Do not worry, it is completely understandable. Here, in this post, we will help you to understand them:

#1 Intense Feelings

Karmic relationships imply that the situation that happened between two people in a past life recreates in a short period of time causing them to meet again and have the opportunity to solve the past pitfalls. The experience is full of strong feelings and important decisions that must be taken wisely, all with the purpose of doing things right this time.

# 2 Unresolved Emotional Charge

Perhaps the other person and you, in another past life, faced pressing situations that made them make inadequate decisions. You may have felt a toxic emotion when you just had to let go of everything that worried you or the other person held grudges about forgiveness and that led them to have bigger problems. However, the important thing is to try to recognize the unresolved emotional charge that makes them continue to find each reincarnation and make the right decisions for the sake of their peace.

# 3 Can Happen To Anyone

Not necessarily the karmic relationship will happen only with your sentimental partner. It can be with any friend, neighbor, partner and or even a relative or as a child as they are oriented to past situations that need to be resolved so that you can find happiness in this life.

# 4 Cause – Effect Ratio

It is more than clear that in this life you receive everything you give and karmic relationships are based on this. You need to understand that on other occasions your actions and decisions have not been adequate and that it is time to improve things and choose other ways to solve everything.

# 5 Identifies The Opportunity

Although the situation is full of antagonism, the universe is giving you an opportunity to mend everything that went wrong the last time. Grab it and give yourself the opportunity to forgive… to move forward.

Now tell us, how is your karmic relationship?

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