Clear Your Energy And Lift Your Spirits With The Sacred Art Of Akashic Records

Clear Your Energy And Lift Your Spirits With The Sacred Art Of Akashic Records

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A majority of us are looking for answers with respect to our spiritual journey to clarify our identity, the reason we endure, and why certain things happen. We want to know what we are meant to be doing, our soul purpose or destiny. Sometimes there are frustrating issues, problems or barriers that are just so tenacious in our lives? Why is there no measure of exertion sufficient to transform them regardless of how hard you try, of what you do? It resembles being caught up in an endless loop where some factors may change, yet the underlying theme endures. They simply change shape but don’t vanish.

Our embodiment is divine. We encapsulate the source, speaking to the most noteworthy vibration of affection. We are a vital piece of Universal Consciousness and are never truly disengaged. Earth can be seen as our school where we take human shape and incarnate lifetime after lifetime. We learn lessons for soul headway through life encounters to show the otherworldly flawlessness we typify at a physical earth plane. Through these encounters we proceed with our trip of otherworldly development and evolvement with the inactive craving to adjust ourselves to our definitive soul reason – to be unified with Source and to know who we truly are. We are searching for our unique soul essence in this lifetime, and what we are here to do.

Long back when I began associating with the vitality of Akashic records I have possessed the ability to see what blocks your current line of being, and allow you to see new life decisions and directions, that can now open new possibilities and potential for your new way of being. You couldn’t of even imagined or longed for this before.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word which implies either essential or primeval substance out of which everything is shaped. It encompasses us in aggregate. Akashic records or lobby of records as alluded to by some is multi-dimensional library of light wherein all the data and astuteness relating to every single soul at any point incarnated is encoded in light. The intelligence of the Akashic records is extremely glorious and for a considerable length of time was just accessible to diviners, holy people and exceptionally advanced souls. It is an obligation that just depended on the ones who were equipped for it regarding its hallowedness. Nonetheless, in the Age of Aquarius as mankind is advancing we have originated from a condition of reliance to a condition of duty, taking cognizant possession for our profound development and advancement.

These records are not an unavoidable reality. They are constantly advancing and this quality can be credited to Karma. We are very comfortable with “Karma” – the idea of “activity” or “deed”, which causes the whole cycle of circumstances and end results. It alludes to the totality of our activities and their responses in this and past lifetimes, all of which shapes our future. However, it is important to know, that whilst we may have created Karma in the past, there are many other blockages from past and current lives that can hold you back, such as vows, agreements and or commitments to one selves or others. All these can be seen and released in this space.

Simply said, the Akashic records reflect the data relating to current life circumstances. This is the space where all profound healing and changes can truly happen for those barriers that you have been experiencing in your current life. Really the Akashic records resemble an online asset for all (all things being equal they are actually similar to a virtual library); the more inquiries we ask all the more clear answers we get.

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On September 2, 2017
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