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I promised myself that I would write about the power of intention. Working with intention is not really a secret anymore, nor should it be but I wanted to give you some clear examples about how it has worked in may own life.

I needed a new car. My old car was no longer safe. I’m not a car person. They all look the same to me. I wanted something comfortable, reliable and safe. I had previously driven my husbands company car one or two times and I had liked it, it felt good. When it came to looking for a new car, when my husband asked me what I wanted. I simply said the same car as you drive for work. The next week we were driving past a car yard and there it was same make and model, same colour. We took it for a test drive and we purchased it.

I used intention to have a holiday house. One of my dear friends used to let me use her house at the beach. Unfortunately it had to get sold.
I said again to my husband. I want a holiday house. It needs to be just like the other house. A shack. Plain and simple. Small. Walking distance to the beach and the shop. I will not pay more than $$$ for it. I was dreaming we didn’t have the money for a holiday house. I didn’t think this was a reality for me, however I wanted it so bad, but stated it, and then forgot all about it.

One day about a year later we went for a drive to the beach. We saw a for sale sign on a tiny little shack. It was a mortgagee sale, meaning it was going cheap. I put in a crazy offer and we got it.

My husband and I had always dreamed of an outdoor salt water spa and an outdoor cat run as far as we were concerned they were a wish list. We had spoken about them for about 2 years. The new house happened to have both.

So if you need me to work on setting your intention for you, on creating the life that you really want I can help. Just book a session with me. We will remove the fears or anxieties that are holding you back from doing what you want, living how you want, or getting what you want

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On December 1, 2016

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