Is it fear, is it love…that you work from?

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Do you make your decisions according to fear or love. What energetic plane are you most comfortable on.
Have you even thought about your decisions and what they are based on.
Everything that happens is based on your thoughts. What type of thought forms do you have.
Can you immediately identify with these thoughts of being positive or negative.
What about the thoughts that appear neutral.
These (along with the negative thoughts) can be the hidden thoughts that trap you into what I call “the uncomfortable comfortable” – that it what you are used to.
What your ego fights to keep you attached to.
Do you want to be more than that, more than what you are used to being. Don’t you want to be the best that you can.
Become conscious of your thoughts today. Start by being aware of your thoughts when you have made a decision, or better still before that decision.
I am going to borrow an example from my husband.
He’s a good employee, actually he’s a great employee, he works way to hard, he’s motivated.
He excels at his work, always has and because of this he gets offered other opportunities.
He gets offered the role of state manager.
His heart tells him he is happy where he is, with what he is doing.
His fear (and other people) tell him this is a really good opportunity (their idea of success, not his) and you should / better take it.
So he does. His decision was based on fear, on the “should offs”.
How did that work out for him. He didn’t like it one bit. It was a good lesson.
Now he makes decisions based on love. He now has a lovely employer, lovely work mates and most importantly on a daily basis his clients relate to him, he enjoys his clients and he has successful relationships with them, where the selling is easy, as it is based on love, honour and respect.
It is not at all easy to be aware of your programming, on how you focus your energy, if you haven’t thought about it before.
There are many factors that can influence us, our parents, friends, advertising, the media – they all expect that we act a certain way.
Most of all there is ourselves, our fear, or our anxieties about life, better do it, should do it, have to do it..are you getting the picture.
I want you to live your life for you. Yes, you probably have responsibilities and that’s fine but lets work together so that you can be the best that you can be.
A soul contract healing or a past life healing with me at Khai Heart Healing can help you. Let me do this for you.

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On September 7, 2016

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