Is relationship clutter holding you back from living the life you truly desire

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What does the feeling of doing a spring clean bring to you?
For me, it’s a feeling of dread. I have the tendancy to want to just put it off, to think about it later.

You could be in the process of trying to figure out what it is that you want to keep, and need to keep.
Perhaps it has even gotten to the stage that you are tripping over things, there is so much clutter, that you don’t have the space for anything new.
We could be talking about your wardrobe or even your house.

Currently I am cleaning out my wardrobe.
I’m aware that there are clothes that make me feel good in them when I wear them but I was also becoming aware that there are some other items of clothing that make me feel not so good.
At one particular time they did, you see I was attracted to them for a reason. My relationship with that item of clothing was once fine, was once okay and it meet my needs.

However, now when I look at that same piece it reminds me of something not so fun, or another I have outgrown, I’ve just simply changed and we are no longer a good match.
There is even the pile of clothes that make it so far as into the boot of my car, waiting to go to the app shop, but before you know it, I’ve rescued a piece from that pile that I am still NOT ready to let it go.

This is very similar to our relationships with others. The relationships can take space in your wardrobe, in your house, in your car, in your head, sometimes these relations are so busy, so intense, so damaging to you, that they do not allow space for anything else, anything better. Sometimes its very clear what relationships are good for you and what are not, however other times it may be more subtle, there may be a theme.

In one of my sessions, you can get the opportunity to explore your relationships to see if there are any contracts in place that are not for your divine highest good.
Ask yourself now, with the particular relationship, that you now have in mind, if it gives energy to you, or takes energy from you?
Sometimes we need to reset our relationships, rewrite the contract, wear a pair of boots with that old dress, or rip up the contract to allow space for a new one.

In a session, we can look at your life and any limiting contracts that you have with others, we can also travel throughout all time and space and see if there are any extraneous contracts that are holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

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On September 27, 2016

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